Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Sooo on Afropunk someone posted a thread about donkey punching and asking about more info on it. They remarked that guys do it because it's a really good cum. So, I added that prostate massaging was a better cum for men then punching a girl in the back of the head; just it meant a woman would have to enter the rectum in order to massage the prostate, and that takes the willingness of both parties ( a guy willing to do something quasi homosexual, and a woman willing to stick her finger a a dude's bum). I even provided links on info and illustrations of said prostate massage. Well ... this one poster, Kifaru was his name, dude kind of missed the point of the thread and went off on a tangent on how basically evil prostate massaging is. Myself and another female poster defended it but, and he goes on to attacks us and claims he's only defending the unsuspecting bums of the innocent from people like us. I recounted but soon realize - 1) this guy is a jerk off asshole and 2) he has fears of homosexuality. Eventually he asked us whether we had stinky fingers from all the bum popping we do. Yea, it got really immature. At that point I left the convo and resisted the urge to reply back any more to this turd.

Anyhow, the Afropunk website changed and they got rid of the old board. New on is in place
. I'm checking on of the threads and what do I see - this turd has made a response, and not only that, he complains:

"Wait a minute. Do you mutha**** not understand that I'm a mutha******* legend! I didn't authorize this shit!!! I wanna know who was supposed to send out the memo about this little change. I want 'em in front of my desk and I want 'em to explain why they think they can make changes without talking to the legends first. I was just about to put that thang on Hell Cat and get her and Caramen Amazon to join AnalPopAnon when you flipped the script on me. They're probably out pirateing asses as we speak.
A legend recognize. The reason why the revolution won't be televised is because you'll be able to watch it on the net!"

Man, he's a real turd. And he gets my asshole of the month award for sticking to an argument like excrement to the bottom of a toilet seat - yea he makes me feel that gross. The fool is so closed minded and vindictive it just makes me ... feel like writing a blog post, and I did it, and now it's done, and this is probably not over but I'm not going to mess around with the turd anymore. In fact, I'm going to avoid him and his strange ways from now on.


Shel said...

asshole of the month is right. a term i've never heard and will never use.

Shel said...

and btw, according to wiki it's a bunch of donkey shit.