Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blasted Fasting and Raw Food Diet

So I figured it was time for me to fast it out, starting today.

I'm trying that ten day Lemon Aid fast, with some modifications - mainly I'm keeping my tea and nut milk thank you, at least for the first few days until I am used to it all.

Lately I've embraced a raw food diet. I'm reaching for at least 90%. I've been trying to go raw for two years now. It all started two summers ago. I was all raw for those 3 months of summer, surviving off of fruit and dropping to 120 pounds. Now I want to do my raw food diet the right way. I got informed via reading David Wolf's highly inspirational "Eating for Beauty" two months ago and have been eating raw pretty steady since then.

Why fast? Fasting helps to clean out your body of toxins. Your body begins using and its stored adipose fatty tissues and releasing whatever is stored inside of it. In this tissue you have fat, which is a storage molecule. It's cells are mainly filled with fluids which can hold all matter of nutrients (proteins, carbs, other lipids like steroids) and other things that may not be good for your body. These other storage items including heavy metals, preservatives and flavorings and other chemicals from the foods you have eaten, environmental pollutants absorbed into the body, and other foreign items your body really has no idea how to use other than to store it (trans fats come to mind). It was recommended in the books I read that it is good to fast first and then go raw. In my case, I transitioned right into eating raw (at the time I was in school full time and didn't want to have to deal with a fast while trying to go to school). Now that I am free from school I can fast.

After I am finished my fast and clean I want to up my raw food game - all organic produce, 90% raw, monthly two day fasting, a blasted food dehydrator and juicer.

So here's my game plan:

A) 10 Day cycles of
- 3 Days of lemonade fasting
- Fruit and Veggies for one day

B) 20 Day Cycle of
- 3 Days blender/juice fasting
- 1 Day Fruit and Veggies

C) New and improved zest for my raw food diet

Wish me luck. I'll be back here with updates.

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