Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 3


It is the start of Day 3. I'm looking forward towards tomorrow and the reported "loss of interest in food." I've been taking everything in stride. As mentioned before, I already ate raw; in addition, I have many food allergies, so regular food doesn't tempt me. One thing I have noticed is that things smell very appetizing. My family had a cookout yesterday and the chicken and boiled corn smelled wonderful. I found this funny because I haven't eaten chicken in over five years and I strictly do not touch corn. So I enjoyed the smell and joked about it with my better half as we sipped our lemonade and later as we juiced more lemons.

So, let me give you an account of the past two days:

Day 1: Ran around looking for more organic lemons to juice (our preferred grocery store was closed). I also had driving lessons. I was cranky and uptight and my instructor criticized me for that. lol. Later on I hung out with my better half and we watched Dr. Who. I was a little tired, but being with each other and being able to relax I eventually felt revitalized. That evening I drank a laxative tea so that I wouldn't have to be running to the bathroom during the day. Didn't have any movement that night or next morning.

Day 2: Of course, the cookout and making more juice. My brothers and father seemed very interested in doing it. I look forward to coaching them when they're ready, if ever. I had a lot of tiredness on this day. I tried to do school work but ended up fast asleep. I didn't fret, that is why my better half and I choose this holiday weekend to start our fast - so that the first two days we could have without responsibilities as they are the roughest when the detox symptoms are most felt. I went to bed early this night, around the same time I did the night before. Well ... I see it as early now, but in the past this was my normal bed time. So I guess I am finally getting a proper 8 hours rest again. :D Drank my laxative tea, but still no movement. I did go overboard with flushing my system last week Wedensday and so that could be why, but I will give it time and drink a stronger dosage tonight because I have been playing it safe with my tea..

Things I've learned so far /Some tips for anyone else who wishes to do this fast:

1) Before going on a fast, any fast, don't just jump into it. Gradually progress into it. Maybe reduce the amount of food you eat, or just eat fruit for a day or two. Try restricting your eating hours. Doing this will make the first three days of your fast much much more bearable. (My better half is having headaches and hunger pains and such right now, but I am only tackling with tiredness)

2) Get a juicer. Don't buy premade lemon juice or orange juice (the oj is for the two days you go off the fast), even if it is organic, unless it was juiced that very same day. If not, pull up your sleeves and start juicing the lemons and oranges yourselves. Why? Freshly juiced produce is much more enzymatically active. Also, most pre-juiced products are pasteurized and thus most of the enzymes have been rendered inactive by the high heat. Oh yes, pre-juiced may contained additives like extra sugars, preservatives and colors, and it may even be from concentrate. Taste-wise, freshly juiced is ALOT better. If all your going to be ingesting is lemonade for the next ten days, drinking something that taste good and is highly nutritious to stave off hunger pains is desirable.

3) This brings me to my next point - buy REAL maple syrup. Aunt Jemima or Ms Buttersworth are not real maple syrup. The real stuff will run you 7-10 bucks per 8 oz bottle (or at least on my isle). If you can buy big ol' bulk bottles, do so. Organic maple syrup is the best, of course, but as long sa you can find the real deal, that should be good enough. Organic is good because they tend not to use formaldehyde to extract the sap from the tree. Frankly though, if you can get your hands on Mennonite Maple Syrup, then fuck you cause that stuff is the best maple syrup I've ever tasted and I can imagine it would be the best for this particular fast.

4) You get used to the cayenne pepper, so don't fret. I'm a die hard cayenne eater, so this wasn't a problem for me. Some products are spicier than others, usually the redder and grainier, the hotter, or at least from what I've seen. So research and compare. If you can't take it too spicy, try a milder cayenne. If you're a trooper, get the good spicy version. Do increase your dosage as you get used the spice (my first time drinking the lemonade I coughed from the spice. lol. Now I'm adding more in because I don't find it spicy enough). Wish my younger sister could understand this ...

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