Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Belly Full O' Lemonade - Reflections on Day 4

So, four days have passed and my body is finally in the expelling stage. I am just leeching out gunk. It's not bad actually. It is more like a lightness of being. I'll tell you one thing though, being psychologically hungry really beats down any sort of anxiety. I was in town and I just didn't care. Fighting the desire to eat takes up so much energy you just don't care much about other people. This led to a parking altercation where I had to give someone the finger and physically lift up the motor bike of someone who parked really really bad.

Energy-wise, my head gets very dizzy whenever I get up from lying down a long time. It's my anemia and it can be bad to the point where my eyes black out. Despite that I ran around doing errands all day. I feel really relaxed to the point where I can hold my hands steady without them shaking much - they always shake a lot! Later on I need to juice lemons so I am R&R'ing a bit before undertaking that task (12 lemons to fill up my gallon jug). I have to juice 6 extra lemons for my family. They've been drinking my lemonade as if it were just regular juice. It's very tasty, and sweet, but regular juice would be watered down a lot more. I suppose it is the fact that I freshly juice the lemons. I doubt most people get to enjoy fresh squeeze lemonade and all the health benefits that go with it. So I am happy they are drinking it, cayenne pepper and all, but I have to warn them to stay away from my batch. I'm making them their own stuff and am using agave nectar instead of maple syrup.

Tomorrow is my 5 day half point. In celebration I am using Grade B maple syrup in my lemonade. So tonight I watered down the rest of my lemonade in my jug and am downing it all tonight to make way for a nice new fresh batch with the more nutritious grade B.

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Shel said...

day 10 and this is it! cant wait for the weekend.