Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dooms Day 2012 Docu aka History Channel Fear Mongering

I saw that crazy 2012 Doomsday documentary. I'm surprised they didn't drag in Nostradamus. What I find is how ethnocentric these prophecy shows are. "Look, this prophecy foretold all these events in the White Western World!!" Meanwhile people in the rest of the world are scratching their head wondering what the hell is wrong with all these easily frightened white people. Sure the world's gonna end, according to said prophecies, but only in the West.

I suppose you can give this a deep analysis. To the rest of the world, the introduction of white people in the 1400's onwards signaled the apocalypse (before then I guess cats were cool, so some major shit must have happened to turn white folk into hordes or apocalyptic harbingers ... Christianity maybe). You ever read those histories of Africa and everyone is flourishing. You have wars and you have growth you have humans just being humans ... And then white people come and things go to shit, civilizations collapse. Flash forward a few centuries and the world as people in said area knew it has ended and the bones just pile up a mile high complete with abandoned villages, corpses and roving gangs of hardened post apocalyptic survivors. So now, the apocalypse hangs heavy on the shoulders of the Western world. Guilt anyone? Or maybe just Christianity's remnants? Come on, those Mayan prophecies signal an astrological event leading to an end of a cycle, not the end of the world as the West is interpreting. Chinese I Ching is for personal fortune telling, not made to be super-translated by a doom loving Westerner into "oh shit, it all goes down 2012".

Face it, the West love it's "Doom" and "Gloom" and "Kabooms" (since it rhymes) as long as it don't happen, like, fo' real.

Hey, party at the end of time anyone??? Light one up as those glaciers melt.

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Shel said...

the west loves doomsday. believing that the world's going to shit is the perfect excuse to not care about sending the world to shit. as for the rest of the world, they're much to primitive to know anything about the great all-powerful vengeful being that will punish them for not knowing anything about the great all-powerful vengeful being's power.