Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jobs and Frogs

I've been soooo tired this week. It has been hard to concentrate on school work; or course a disastrous calculus test did not help my situation any. So this week I've been working on my film festival and pretty much coasting. I have a test on Tuesday and special plans this weekend, so well, this tiredness has been working against me by backlogging my work. Ah well. It'll be done and at least my film fest flyers are finish. Pop on over to my film fest blog for a look in the next couple days.

This morn I saw a two day temp position in the paper, and well I jumped on it and applied. It's just inventory work, so it's peanuts really. It's exciting though because the position begins next week and I will be getting cash! Ah making money is such a wonderful feeling. Hopefully they pay well and hopefully this will allow me to feel more comfortable with seeking out more employment opportunities. Still though, this is the perfect little gig. I am waiting to hear on an on-call marketing job. I'll be the person who stands on the street trying to get you to try products or passing out flyers to you. The only draw back of that job is I might have to go and get my look refined as it entails someone who is approachable - makeup, good clothes, groomed hair, etc ... So in my world that means mineral facial powder, newer/my nicer punk-goth-funky-casual clothes, a new pair of shoes (red chuck taylors!!), and doing something to hydrate my ultra dry afro (possibly dye it black with indigo and find someplace on this isle that sell shea butter. That or get twists again with like black and funky green or blue dyed afro-type hair or something).

Yeeeeee-ep. And I am planning for Halloween. I want to make my own costume. I've been going to DIY websites looking for tips on making ones own cloths and so on and so forth. I'm getting a lot of inspiration. Now I just need to go thrift store and yard sale hopping. I want an old wedding dress with a corset-type top and the gauze lacy-type skirt material to dye black and other colors. Oh this is going to be fun!

But school first!!!!!

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