Saturday, October 4, 2008

So I got this film fest ...

And it's really taking off. The first showing is next week and I am feeling so good. I hope the turn out is decent. 10 to 15 people would be a nice starter, even if they are just friends. I've advertised around campus, have hit Rock Island and Phase One. My next targets are my older brother's work, my mom's work, and possibly my older sister's work. I should also hit leisure time and some of the movie theaters. The week of the event I am going to make an announcement in each of my classes. I would love their support.

But now I have school work, and a break in which to look forward next week. I have some goals I would like to see through and some dreams to realize. :D

I'm learning to balance that inner punky creature with the mopey shy snufflupacuss weirdo and the geeky nerdcore school girl that my personality has triple split up into.

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