Thursday, September 11, 2008


Before I delve into these here Calculus books, just thought I'd give this blog some love.

I've been reading a lot of Phillip Dick in between sessions of studying for my R&R. I really enjoy his writing. It's is just so stimulating and soothing for my mind since it takes a little of what I'm learning and just throws it all out there. I like that - learning while still in pleasure. But he does make me want to start writing again much in the same way Neil Gaimen makes me want to srat writing everything I read some of his stuff.

I've been very fatigued and it is making me cranky. I'm getting my work done though so that's all that matters. I've been hitting a snag with my parents. They don't seem to understand the load of work I have and the balance between studying, leisure and my health and safety I've been trying to maintain. At times I wish I were away at university so that I can factor them out of my school life equation and just focus on what I need to do. When my brother was studying for his CFA exams, they gave him all the space he desired, but with me, no. Directives. It is okay during the week because I leave early and return late - 10 hour days. It's the weekends and asking for money that sucks. I realize I have no time for a job with the class load I have. Perhaps if I can get one for five hours a week. I'm going to put flyers around campus advertising tutoring. Maybe draw in twenty an hour. Fifty bucks a week would be decent!! (It would be enough for me to feed myself). It is the act of askin gmy parents money for food and gas that's a burden. "Oh you need to budget the money we give you better". Sigh, so now I am starving myself just to stretch out my money. >.< Parents ... Just give me 100 a week and let that be that; instead of giving me a run around after I ask for money once a week.

Okay, need to start this calculus.

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