Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pari Berri Cha Chah Chah

I`m in Paris.

London was a delight and I would like to spend more time there in the future. Did a tour on a double decker bus that was open at the top. Had a good time making fun of things and being sarcastic with my siblings - tour buses are very touristy. Bought some sushi and a smoothie that said it was for three bucks but knew it was worth 6 dollars. Still though, better than Bermuda prices. FYI there are no trashcans in the city (hardly anyhow) to discourage the homeless. Room serve was my source of grub as my energy bars made me sick with a nasty allergic reaction to the chocolate in them (I barfed). Tea, smoked salmon and avocado was what I got.

Today I left London, took the train under the Channel and two hours later entered Paris. From there I took the metro and then walked to my rental. The rental is great with three floors, a hot tub and two patios.

I got a taste of Paris. On the metro I got to see a splashing of local styles and tastes. I tried out my lame French skills buying two mangoes and two avocados from a middle eastern fruit and vege seller in the metro station - bonjour, merci. Keyboards are all different in setup. I am still getting used to it all.

Compared to London, Paris feels a bit more like Toronto and a bit bigger in feeling. I really enjoyed the London vibe though and miss it, but I've not been out enough to really scope out the vibe here. Part of it is anxiety - I am not familiar enough with the language and thus feel I will fail to connect to interesting people. At times I wish I were travelling sans my family so I can get full exposure, but ah well. My views will change as I get comfortable in this new environment. I just wish I brought a personal camera.

It`s three in Bermuda and 8 here.

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