Monday, August 4, 2008

Operation Pari Berry Part Deux

Paris in a nutshell:

Beautiful gams and fells dressed to the nines real fine cause hey this is the city of fashion and models and such.

My brothers went to this club and said the bouncers looked like models straight out of that Ben Stiller movie Zoolander - they were in hoodies and posing with that silly ¨Blue Steel¨look.

But yes, this is the place to go to if you like to shop and want inspiration on what to wear. London is eclectic, Paris is Romantic. I can imagine Milan will be sleek in a ghetto fabulous sort of way.

No skyscrapers and beautiful decor on the buildings. There`s a reason why some art freaks go crazy from the beauty of the architecture. You can just feel the history and smell the ancient psychic must in the air. This is a land that`s been people since when people lived in caves. Their history has not been eradicated like other places on earth (Native American and African; save for individual and obscure tribes). Ah the nature of the conquerers. I am sure the rest of Europe will feel this way when I eventually explore it all one day.

French people aren`t snobby. If find them very sexy because of how they openly show passion whether it be raw lust or anger. I guess they show both spectrum rather than mainly aggression that I see on the other side of the Atlantic on my isle. I was a little stoked by it all. Yea! Passion! Alright! And non of that weirdness in the US and Canada towards Black folk. Paris has a huge black population. I have read of the taint, the riots, etc ... so I know this place has its problems with us of ebony skin, but at least it`s a change. As I say to myself, different places have different dimensions of negatude towards my Blackness. What one place lacks in a dimension, they make it up in a totally new dimension. I know with Barcelona, they are weary of color due to their history of Moorish invasion, so I know what to expect when I leave for there tonight. I just didn`t know what to expect here and well, it wasn`t too bad. If I spoke French, looked like a recent African immigrant; perhaps things would have been different. I mean, Black women still fry their hair with relaxers here.

But French people suck at driving. Haha! The Arch de Triumph is a death trap of laneless cars and mopeds going around in a circle. I`m surprised by the amount of folk without bike helmets riding around on their pedal bikes because of the intense traffic and crazy drivers. My dad was like look at that family, they`re going on a death ride. The driver of the night tour van we went on was cutting off people, getting cursed at a lot. He sped around corners real sharp that I felt like I was in Ber,uda again where the roads are so narrow you can`t help but get that effect. The guy even drove us down streets packed with people. I was miffed as people cursed us in French. Yea, cats can`t drive.

You see some American influence - posters for American movies, chain restaurants, etc ... But that`s all over the world. We import French style and wines, and in turn give em`back equivalent quick fixes of fast food, sports and media. Still though, you`d be hard pressed to find a supermarkt and the fast food is only near the tourist areas. Cafes are everywhere and everyone walks. French people are skinny or rather Parisians.

So today I am bound for shopping and a health store and then railing off to Barcelona. I am going to miss these open balconies and little fruit sellers, sexiness, and overall romanticism compared to my isle; but I`ll be back. There are places and things I want to do in this city that having my family around really bars me from doing. My only con, I`m a laid back chick. I can only do feminine for so long. :D


Shel said...

paris is as paris does. i wanted to read about the dark underbelly of paris that dan brown wrote about in the da vinci code. parks filled with trannies and religious espionage on every corner.

Obsidian Punk said...

Dark underbelly? Lol! I can see that. I can totally totally see that. The place is so shallow that it needs that grit to balance it. Didn't get to the catacombs so, yea, at least I know of that dark underbelly.