Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Raging She Beast Within (A new asshole of the month)

Today I am mad but the facts that surround said madness will remain anon. All I can say is that this island really peeves me at times, usually a lot of times. No, it's not the politics or whatever, it is a segment of people, a segment of really lazy and really spoiled people. I could care less for them when the figurative bombs drop - that which signals the end of our decadent age. These are the same kind of people who jeer at first responders when they are trying to administer aide by tellings them they don't know what they're doing, or that they are doing it all wrong or whatever bs. These are the same people who will gossip and lie about you while you're just trying to do your job, meanwhile they're lazy shiftless bastards who could care less to lift a finger if it would save their lives. As these people grow their insides will scum up and turn ugly because they're ignorant and pea brained. Unfortunately their destructive bitterness will only grow bringing with them a brand new generation of stupidity which they will inflict unto their unfortunate kids. These are the type of people tyrants love because these are the people who are easiest to shape into sheep. As long as their own tremendously shallow interests are satiated, they'll be blind to getting raped up the arse, unlubed and hemorrhaging to death afterwards with a stupid smile on their faces because at least they looked cute, resting on the spent remains of those who came before them and all the people who had to suffer for their foul rot of an existence. If the world were to go to hell these are the first to stab you in the back, shoot you in the head for something stupid and then go on to die fast, leaving a trail of devastation that could have perpetuated humanity and even kept them alive but now that's lost no thanks to their fear mongering stupidity and selfishness. These people can be anyone - the so called rich or poor or whatever cultural or ethnic background "white man's IQ scale" education or whatever. These are the people that comprise lynch mobs and death squads and nations endorsing genocide. They join the mob mentality and hold no shame towards the bloody gristle decorating their hand - "oh, there's no blood on me, I did nothing wrong; just went with the flow." And I wonder why I hold such contempt for humanity cause I see this rot everywhere, even within my own very soul. I wish people would leg up and fight that which dwells inside them more. Instead they foster it in blind ignorance and it grows into a beast striking down anyone in its path. I am angry and I wonder if that which is inside of me will have blood?

She Hulk watch out! I think I have a new recipient of my asshole of the month award.

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