Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So, recently I've been able to get my paws on this great stuff. Tryptophan is an amino acid made by organisms as a precursor to serotonin and niacin (those wonderful B vitamins). In other words, you need this stuff to feel happy-pappy-cappy, content-ta-mament and invigorated-macated.

Woe though, this stuff has a history of misinformation and stupidity since it got banned in 1990. What's silly, is that the reason it got banned was from a tainted shipment that got people sick. The company owned up and said that they did not harvest the stuff properly leading to contamination (look I'm not going to break it all down, you can read more about it from this link here:). Unfortunately some people got sick and were killed by this tainted shipment. This opened the flood gates for stupidity and greed. The FDA subsequently banned the stuff in the US, and other countries followed suit like silly ol' pawns. Thankfully sanity resettled and now people can sell it and buy it over the counter again (1990-2002); although you'd probably be hard pressed to readily find it in a typical store.

Well, since I've already established that tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, the stuff helps people to deal with their depression and anxiety and PMS. Even better, it is ridiculously cheap. Much cheaper and safer than the pharmaceuticals. But, the politics of greed have stepped in, and that twelve year ban did a lot of harm stemming from one company's tragic err. In the 90's, all that was left for the depression stricken masses to help boost their serotonin were pills like Prozac and what not - the reason I feel why white kids in the "Prozac" generation are shooting up their schools, and, now that they are old enough, their universities; and also why Black kids and other nonwhite groups are so fuckin' delusional to how society fucks them up the ass everyday like a prison bitch (matter of fact they bend over and spread their cheeks willingly but yet don't call being fucked up the arse as being fucked up the arse). I mean denial is powerful, but so is the so-so feeling inducingness of anti-depression drugs.

Oh, it gets worse! Those so called antidepression pills seem to really do nothing for erasing depression in people unless they are severly depressed. See article linked here:

So, what's the deal, yo? Tryptophan isn't banned anymore maybe cause stocks in antidepression pills on the market now will soon plummet??? Cause I know this info was known in 2002. It take time for research to be peer reviewed and published.

Anywho, I started taking L-trpytophan recently and it has been great stuff. Got me through one of the most nerve wracking days of my life so far!! Buy some and try it!!!


Shel said...

you left out the part where it's an excellent dream stimulator. and also how it not only boosts serotonin levels, but also melatonin levels as well(when you're sleeping). you'd be hard-pressed to find an prescribed anit-depressant that'll do that and not make you homicidal, suicidal or fat while at it.

Obsidian Punk said...

Thank you for your input doctor. I just wanted to focus on the serotonin aspects cause that's why I take it - to calm me down and mellow me out.