Monday, February 4, 2008

The Natural Health Low Down

This is a series of posts in which I shall invest my time. I suppose for starters I'll dig into the magic of Tumeric/Turmeric.

Good ol' tumeric, as I've grown up to call it. This stuff is what makes curry so yellow. Known for it's anti-inflammatory properties, it is highly touted as a supplement for those suffering from arthritis to ingest, break down, and get all unarthritis-ee.

I personally like it for what it does for the skin. This stuff is a gold mine for black skin types. It is good for getting rid of dark spots without harmful as well as dark skin hating bleach (damn you bleach! I want toned skin that isn't gonna make my face lighter than the rest of mah body!)Taking it orally and applying it topically, tumeric is one of the main beauty products in my repetoire. I'd say the stuff makes your glow like a bronzed fire ... *dreamy eyes*

Tumeric Mask

What is does: clears pores, gets rid of dark spots, tones, sticks its tongue out to bleach and goes "Meh!!" Back tah Black beauty product hell with ya. "F" hydroquinone or whatever that crap is.

Whatcha need:
  • Powdered Green Clay
  • Tumeric
  • Apple Cider vinegar (with mother - a type of bacteria)/water
  • Aloe Gel (for the moisture)
  • Funky love

So basically dole out the green clay powder in a cup. About half a cup or however much you want to make. Add 2 teaspoons, or more depending on how strong of a concotion you want to make, and blend. Add enough apple cider so that the mixture is a nice liquidy paste. Squirt in some aloe gel and keep on mixing. Apply to face and let dry. As a caution, tumeric is tends to stain, albeit not permenantly. Wash off (of course). Repeat once a day, twice, or however often you want. I recommend 1-2 times a day for the best benefits. Store your leftover stuff in the fridge. You should have enough to last you for quite a long time depending on how frequently you use it.

As for stuffing you face with tumeric, you can take pills or add it to your food. In addition to keeping your skin looking great and your joint unarthritis-ee, this stuff is purported to increase longevity.

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