Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Vale of Anguish

A short story. Kind of silly. Some highly sexual scenes thus NC-17 (needs some edits):

So enter our protagonist the sandy headed hero of many a tale.  In the Vale of Anguish, a peaceful fruit tree studded picturesque wood full of wild flowers, our hero stumbles upon a bubbling spring and a nude.  Heated sensations fill his loins and he stands there in the brush with bated breath hoping not to disturb this stumbled upon scene.  Months of adventuring with nary a wench to sate the lust fire in his soul, a curse the Banshee of Tea afflicted him with in his troublesome teens, had left him feeling as though perhaps he'd finally best the curse with an extended dry spell.  No.  

The nude looks up in his direction and grins.  Past journeys have taught our hero that the shining grinning teeth of a beauty could only mean trouble and magic - a terrible combination, especially when that troublesome magic waved ample breasts and beckoning neither regions in his general direction as well.  He gripped his sword and steeled himself to the impending trouble ... Only the grin he thought meant for him instead was directed at the flying creature that had been perched in the tree above him and had now flown down to the nude.  It was scaly with green and purple bat-like wings and a body like a naked cat, if a cat loved a dragon enough to produce this wryde beastie.  It coos and whistles at her and she returns the attention, stroking it with quick deft hands.  Our hero's mind loses itself in those movements.  An audible moan escapes his lips before he could stop himself.  This time she did look in his direction but there was no grin.  

She made a series of coos and whistles at the cat beast and it flew at him.  In an instant his sword was out ...  Not that sword!  The metal shiny type of typical adventurers ... So sword out he barges into the clearing and waves it menacingly at the creature and the nude.  She gathers herself up full length and then looks down toward his crotch.  He realizes that he managed to wield both his weapons.  A musical laugh escapes her lips and her eyes begin to burn red ... Or were they always red ...  And was he always naked too?  His clothes were gone, sword as well ... Not that sword! The metal shiny one of adventurers.   No his other sword he was still wielding and it was quite mighty at this moment.  He was laying on the forest floor and she was straddling him.  She truly was the magic troublesome sort.  The Vale of Anguish ... Why was he sent here again ...? Our sandy-headed hero suddenly realizes confusion has cluttered his mind the moment he entered this vale.  And when she slides down and impales herself on his sword, confusion begins to edge back into his mind ... And pleasure ... Oh the pleasure ... 

But only momentarily.  Her face contorts in pain and she grips her abdomen and flies off him in a rage.  Her nude body instantly transforms into something reminiscent of the cat creature, only human female shaped - one of those mad combinations of insane things whoever designs magical creatures like to mix with human shape.  She screams and hisses her fanged mouth at him as her cat creature companion circles overhead.  She then gives him a bitter, lusty scornful look, jumps into the sky and flies away, her hand still gripping her abdomen.  

In the next instance, the fog over our hero's mind clears.  Yes.  He remembers as memory returns.  He was sent to this Vale to clear a succubus that had been draining the life force of people who haplessly wandered into the area.  The local wizards placed a piercing on his shaft, not an easy task to submit to, that would break the she-beast's spell and wound her enough for him to take his sword ... Not that sword!  The shiny metal kind of adventurers ... And kill her.  It was suppose to be made from the bone of an abstinence saint or something ludicrous.  They had promised it would break the lust fire in his soul.  It, by the way had not.  He gathers up his clothes with thoughts cluttering his head.  His first was wondering how he would tell the wizards that he had merely cleared the Vale but had not killed the succubus.  His next was perhaps finding that succubus and maybe instead of killing her, perhaps take her out to dinner and show her a good time making her promise to quit with all of the confusion spells.  He did have a lust curse and that should qualify him for dating a succubus. 

 He decides to follow the direction she traveled instead of heading back to the wizards and tosses the piercing into the spring, which it accepts with a quiet bubbling burp.  He wasn't going to need that the next time he encountered her.  

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