Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dark Scifi Poetry

Cautionary Tale: Do not fall in love with space marines.

It was so sweet, so pure. In your eyes, I was, we were, everything so beautiful. And we had and we did an eternity; and we felt and we desired and we erupted. But in the end, nothing. We were nothing and that was all we meant.

Sparks of rage failed to ignite the desired firestorm; and floods of tears that promised to swell were early parched. Emotional failure because I knew.

I remember it was, so soft, so rich. In your eyes I saw what I was, what we were, and and you, what you knew. Nothing. Now you lay amidst the starry black expanse and I lay alone not knowing how to feel.

Loyalty: a quality for the Damned

Alone I will worship the sands that you blacken with the ashes of the fallen, and kiss the scorched earth of your passing. As they flee in terror I will stand steadfast by your side and in ecstasy blooden my lips with your ruined dead. Inside I will nurture the horror that grips me in tight embrace into a passion. Alone I'll walk the path of thorns and twisted roots that will lead me battered to the steps of your soul to look you in the face and still love the beast behind the facade. In the last hours I will take your sacrament and share your doom. Drawn to your sulfurous fate, I will be a willing spine you crush on your way to hell.

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