Saturday, November 1, 2008


And pissed about it!

Just leaving my friend's house tonight and there is this group of kids in the road in front of me. Now by kids I mean maybe 15 to about mid 20's. They're always kicking around late night on weekends and I usually just ride by them without getting much of anything. This being Bermuda people are expected to give the awkward greeting, so I always just smile or something like that. Well tonight I guess they got into a pack mentality or something. They were kicking around a soccor ball and instead of moving out of the road while I'm passing, the stay crowded and the guy with the ball moves it back in forth with his feet to make it seem like he was gonna kick it at the bike. I'm thinking "that's really dumb" because if he did kick it out it wouldn't harm me and the ball would go careening off into the darkness - they wouldn't have anything to play with anymore. Also, while I was riding by, another guy called out "let's knock off her helmet!" Apparently they've been speaking amongst themselves thinking of ways to punish me and that was all they could think of, because well they're stupid dumb kids. And again I think "um I've just been assaulted" the soccer ball and that phrase was enough to have me pretty pissed. Had they kicked the soccer ball at me or knocked off my helmet, then it would have been assault and battery and I would have turned right around and gone back to my friend's house to call the police. This ai n't at some high school, but out in the streets, so, in the streets, the police take over if people don't act civil toward one another. I just rode by quietly and unaffected knowing they wouldn't do anything. Still though, who knows another night they might actually do something. Probably not knowing how these youth tend to be all "assault" and no guts to do the battery part they threaten to inflict. Poor fuckers. They get my "Asshole of the Month Award".

And then I think to myself, what would have happened had I not looked like someone they could potentially victimize? I'm fucking tired of being made the target of people's hate, both within my age group, my sex, my race, outside of my race, in my country, outside of my country, in my family, outside of my damned family, in relationships, etc ... Sigh, but that's the cost of not being a fucking meat bag to be devoured by the brain slug that wicked force in this world.

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Shel said...

mace, just in case.